Two months a new mum!

So I am hurtling towards the two month mark of being a new mum. Almost have the brain power to start writing again so here I am, sitting on a rocking chair in the middle of the night reflecting on the past few weeks.

I know I’ve usually written on digital media, film or communications chat but I’m on maternity leave for the next lot of months and my focus will centre around parenthood and raising our son so #mummyblogging it is. My ramblings might be of interest to new mums or those already in the club.

I can honestly say becoming a mum is one of the most challenging things I have ever done. I always dreamed of having a family. It was only when I met Mr Right that it became possible and now a reality.

I have always looked at babies and children with wonder. Magic little sponges learning about themselves and the world around them. I am lucky to have experienced this up close as an auntie to two very special girls and have enjoyed every minute of watching them grow.

Now I’m a mum! A tiny human grew inside me and now he is here. A perfect little bundle that has made me feel love in a whole new way, not just for him but for my husband, family, friends and community around him as I have seen their excitement and joy at his arrival. He is a vey lucky boy to be surrounded by so much love.

I will save you the how he got here story for now. Needless to say it didn’t go to plan but that seems to be a common experience.

In the first week someone described a new arrival to my parents as a tiny explosion in your lives and I think that is pretty accurate. One day it was just me, hubby and the bump going about our lives and the next we brought home this little person 100% dependent on us. I quickly realised how little I knew and for all the reading and preparation I had done there is nothing that could prepare me for this.

Everyday has been a school day as we learn a new way of life as a family. I have said “I don’t know” more often these last few weeks than ever before. My organised and problem solving nature has been put to the test.  Love and fear have been present in equal measure and whilst a few parent friends have tried to comfort us in saying ‘it is hard to break them’ the warnings on everything makes you feel constantly on guard. We don’t want anything to happen to our precious little bundle.

On the other side we have never laughed as much – nappy changes and mummy brain two big contributors. That and the constant wit of my husband making me smile.

A big thank you to family and friends who have been checking in or just messaged us to say we are doing great. Not always easy to hear when you are in the eye of the storm but what you say does ring in our ears when cuddling our (usually) content little one.

Looking forward to scribbling down some thoughts on the birth and learnings from the first few weeks as well as the journey going forward. So here it goes… bring on the adventure!