#PhonelessFriday – separated from my phone for a day

As a phone addict my colleagues thought it would be good to challenge me to do #PhonelessFriday. The latest fundraising initiative from Save the Children which separates you from your phone for a day. No calls, texts or apps. It made sense as I am probably the heaviest phone user and most dependent on mobile apps to get me through the day. I agreed, signed up and then quickly tried not to think about it as it really made me nervous.

In the days coming up to it I managed to recruit colleagues Peter and Annette to Team Awesome with the rest making donations as encouragement.

On Thursday night, I handed my phone over to Brian for save keeping and he set his phone alarm to wake me in the morning. The alarm clock had been my first hurdle in working out how I would go phoneless. Growing up I had a radio alarm clock and hadn’t realised how much I now relied on my phone.

I am guilty of once the alarm goes off, opening my eyes to pick up my phone and start my day by checking notifications, catching up on emails and reading the news. This means by the time I am getting ready and get into the car to drive to work, I know my diary for the day and am planning my to do list on my travels. Without my phone, none of this was possible. Instead I had to wait until I got to the office and started my computer before my day started.

My morning check of the Dark Sky app for the weather also didn’t happen so on my way out the door I lifted my waterproof jacket as a precaution. One that later proved to be much needed.

Thankfully #phonelessfriday landed on a day I was in the office with no meetings or calls, so not having my phone with it’s trusty 15 minute diary reminder or Google maps to help me with the quickest route into town wasn’t an issue.

Once at my desk and logged on to my computer, I was able to check the news and start catching up on emails. I decided that although I could still technically use social media on the computer I would avoid Facebook and Twitter too (except updates to  the @savechildren_ni account).

Thankfully lunchtime came round soon enough. It was Orlaith’s birthday and the perfect opportunity to cake and treats to celebrate. Lack of my phone means there is no slow mo of her blowing out the candles on the cake or snaps of the all the treats we were enjoying but others were able to capture the moment as I sat back and took it all in.

So far so good. Maybe I could last 24 hours? They gave the option of 9 – 5pm or full 24 hours. Let’s see how the afternoon goes…