Kicking off at Mobile World Congress 2016

What a way to kick off my own blog than writing from Mobile World Congress. The biggest mobile tech event on the globe happening in Barcelona, crowned the Mobile World Capital. And what an incredibly beautiful city it is!


Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2016
Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2016


For the next 4 days I am going to be surrounded by industry leaders, talking and networking about what have become part of our daily lives, our mobile phones.

With around 90,000 people attending, the agenda is packed with everything you can imagine. Lucky enough to get a gold pass, I have access to all the major keynote speakers including Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg. So the toughest part is deciding which sessions to go to and leaving enough time between them to make it around the massive conference venue.

Given my interests in digital media and film storytelling in a digital age, the future of TV, film and social video will be a focus. Also finding time to link up on social engagement and connected societies as something that I will be looking at in Northern Ireland around the upcoming Assembly elections.

From a filmmaking perspective Mobile Video Explosion is one session I’m looking forward tomorrow. The panel includes the innovators at CNN, Facbook, Netflix, SPV TV (mobile online TV), Youtube and Viacom amongst others.

These thought leaders will be showcasing their latest ideas, looking at opportunities and areas of growth for content creators and distributors of mobile video and how they will support demand. I look forward to hearing what they have to say and sharing any learning.

For the live action you can follow my #MWC16 tweets on @corrineheaney and check out my photos on instragram or My Story if you are on snapchat (corrineheaney). Come back here for the detailed analysis.

Adios for now 😉


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